Happy 18th birthday dude. I don’t know where to start ughhhh! I should start with how rad you are. You’re hella attractive. You’re hella funny. You’re hella smart as well. You’re great John. You better grab my hand and pull me outta the deep waters in which I’ve fallen before you forget haha. Referencing the other day. Honestly. I don’t know where I’d be and in what state I’d be in if you hadn’t talked to me. I’ve learned so much about you. You’re graduating soon and we won’t be seeing each other much afterwards but hopefully you’ll want to keep in touch? You’ve become my best male friend out there dude and you’re competing for best friend. Anyways you’re 18. Enjoy your motherfucking day and ily always; stay strong kiddo. Stay rad. Keep your habit of having a hard time saying “goodbye” because it’ll definitely make you stand out. I’m with you on every decision you make even if I don’t agree whatsoever. I’ll drag your body out of a river if you have a bad trip and fall in. I’ll have to learn how to swim for that though. 
Anyways, before this gets outta hand ——- happy freaking birthday! 
I really hope you like your present tbh.

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